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Tinting is used to change the colour of eyebrows and eyelashes. We use HD Brows tint as we have found that the colours are very long lasting in comparison to others we have tried. Sometimes hair can look sparse before but when we tint it picks up every little hair so it will reveal the true thickness of your brows or lashes which may surprise you.


Waxing is a hair removal technique that we offer to the brows and facial hair only. It is quick and safe way of removing unwanted hairs. We ensure our wax is at a suitable heat at all times. For brows, waxing can transform your eyebrows into a desired and suitable shape for you. Due to the fact our brow specialist has received several qualifications in brows and is now a master HD Brows stylist, your shape will be a precise shape suited specifically to your face working with your brow hair.


To change the hair colour

Longer lasting hair removal technique

Makes hair appear thicker

Even colour hair

Less make-up needed

Defines eyes and brows



Great way to shape brows

Longer lasting than plucking

Alternative to shaping your own


Anyone looking for hair removal on their face or to get their brows into a better shape. We cannot tint anyone under the age of 16 but you will still be allowed wax with parental consent. 16+ will be allowed tint, anyone under 18 will need parental consent.


A patch test for tinting is needed at least 48 hours before. 


Eyelash & Eyebrow Tint £22

Eyebrow Tint  £12

Eyebrow Wax  £13

Lip or Chin Wax  £7.50

Lip & Chin Wax  £12


Waxing we would recommend every 3-6 weeks depending on the growth of your hair. This will be discussed at your appointment. Tinting we recommend every 4 weeks but if you are someone who has very fair hair and would like to keep your lashes or brows looking fresh you can have it done as often as every 2 weeks.



If you like a wax and tint for your brows but would like a much more defined look we would recommend you have a HD Brows treatment as it includes waxing and tinting and much more. If you have naturally fine brows and are looking for a more fuller look or your brow hairs point downwards then you can have your brow hairs lifted with Lamination to keep them in your desired shape. Lash tinting is a great way to make your lashes stand out but if you would like a much more dramatic but natural look then a Lash Lift would be for you. Lashes are lifted and stay put for around 8 weeks - the same as they would look if you used a lash curler but they stay put no need for a curler anymore!


Patch test is needed at least 48 hours before

Grow your brows for at least 4-6 weeks before your appointment

Avoid tweezing in between appointments - doing this will only waste your time as the hair will all be growing at different times meaning you won’t get the most benefit out of your appointment

Avoid make-up/cleansers around the brows for at least 24 hours

Avoid sunlight/sunbeds/saunas/steam rooms/swimming pools for at least 24 hours

Avoid exfoliating and using anti ageing products around the brows for at least 3 days either side of your treatment

Your brows will be darker and more defined immediately after the treatment, the make up applied is not permanent and the tint will also fade

Eyebrow Wax
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