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This is a brow treatment is a brow hair lifting technique that is used to shape, tame & lift the brow hairs into a perfect shape enhancing the facial features. This is a solution to hairs that grow in different directions to realign them into the desired shape. Messy, wired brows can not be tailored to a shape more suitable. Brow Lamination also creates volume so this will even make thin brows look a more full. With the eyebrows framing the face, creating the right eyebrow shape for the face can give the effect of a brow lift, giving a more youthful, softer look.



When the cream is applied it relaxes the brow hairs allowing them to be lifted and moved into the new desired shape. This is then fixed into shape and moisturised. Shaping and tinting is also incorporated into this giving you the ultimate brow treatment.



Brow hairs will be tamed

Shape suited to your face

Improve sparse eyebrows

Fuller brows

Lifted brow hair

Downward pointed hairs lifted into the brow shape

No need to ever tweeze

Minimal to no make-up needed

Softer brows

More defined shape

Longer lasting tint

Amazing tint colour



Most people who want great natural brows. When the hairs are lifted you are able to use the full length of the hair which creates a much fuller shape so this is perfect for any brow shape or size. Anyone with unruly eyebrows or hair that is very coarse will benefit greatly from this as it softens and reshapes the brow hair. This is a great treatment for a big event or if you would like to have perfectly groomed eyebrows all year round. We have so many clients thinking they are unable to grow the brows they desire but are amazed with the hair growth when they finally put their tweezers down and allow a professional to maintain their brows. Sparse brows can still grow in with the guidance from our stylists and Revitabrow. This treatment is for 16+. Anyone under 18 will need parental consent.


A patch test is needed at least 48 hours before. 



With Tint Membership 6 Sessions £240*

Without Tint  £40

*Memberships must be used within 50 weeks of purchase


You can have the Brow Lamination treatment every 8 weeks and include a HD Brows/brow waxing treatment in between Lamination at 4 weeks to maintain the results.


Combining Brow lamination with a Lash Lift will completely transform the eye area, minimal to no make-up will be needed. Revitabrow may be recommended to grow and condition your brows



HD Brows is a hair removal and colouring technique to created your perfect brow shape. Brow Lamination at Dymond Beauty uses HD Brows techniques but also uses a cream to lift the brow hairs into the desired shape. Ultimately HD Brows is a part of the Lamination treatment but you also get the hairs lifted and tamed into a softer shape. We always recommend a HD Brows treatment 4 weeks after Lamination to maintain the shape.


Patch test is needed at least 48 hours before

Grow your brows for at least 4-6 weeks before your appointment

Avoid tweezing in between appointments - doing this will only waste your time as the hair will all be growing at different times meaning you won’t get the most benefit out of your appointment

Avoid make-up around/on the brows for at least 48 hours

Avoid cleansing, exfoliating, any skincare around your brows for 3 days before & after your treatment

Avoid sunlight/sunbeds/saunas/steam rooms/swimming pools for 48 hours

Your brows will be in the wet look, sleek stage for 24-48 hours after the treatment, they will look much more natural after 48 hours

“SET WHEN WET” this is so important as they will look messy if you don’t, use the brush you are given to gently brush the hairs in place when they are wet

Keep brows dry for 24-48 hours

Do not put hot water on the brows for at least 48 hours

Avoid exercise which causes sweating for 48 hours

Use a brow conditioner daily

Avoid touching the brows and area around it after the treatment

Do not apply any products to the brows for 48 hours

No self-tanning products to be used on the face for 48 hours after the treatment

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